Fighting Tigers (Ages 9 - 15)

Kids have a fantasy of Karate based upon television and movie portrayals. This concept causes a problem in our society because Karate schools eager for business cater to these whims under the guise of “self-confidence”. Their students often become the martial art bullies that beat-up other kids at school. We give our kids the concrete self-esteem necessary to prevent this behavior, along with the capability to overcome any problem. Teaching our kids the importance of qualities such as discipline, respect, and self-control is the fundamental aim of this class. When a child learns to grasp and accept the significance of character, everything else becomes easy. Academic and social growths, as well as improved parental relationship, become usual achievements of this training.

The motivation to attain personal excellence is what makes our kids’ program so successful.

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“Brian and his team are always well organized, enthusiastic, and very motivating… they teach discipline and self-control, concepts which can never begin too young.”

— Jonathan Abelove, School Owner, Tutor Time Learning Center

“Brian offers a healthy balance of fun, instruction, discipline, and control. The way he teaches the children does not make them leave his class ready to ‘Kung-fu’ everyone, but how to respect the art they are learning.”

— Kim Hovren, Center Director, Mulberry Child Care

“I would highly recommend Brian Allen…he is always professional, friendly, and attentive to our concerns and the needs of our parents. He is open to suggestions on how to improve his program.”

— Tammy Castro, Assistant Director, La Petite Academy

“Brian Allen is very courteous, professional, and has a sincere desire to help children develop skills that will help them succeed in life.”

— T. Trammell-Ninow, Director, Children’s World Learning Centers

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One Class Per Week (4 per Month), Two Classes Per Week (8 per Month), Unlimited Classes Per Week (Unlimited for the entire month)


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