Headmaster Hendrix Yuri

hedrix001smShihan Hendrix has been training and teaching at the Allen Martial Arts Academy since 2003. Shihan Hendrix has been involved with our Little Dragons, Fighting Tigers, and the Adult Self-Defense Programs, as well being a Mentor to selected students. He has received advanced training with Headmaster Allen through the Elite Training Program, and in 2010 he was bestowed the honor of Assistant Head Instructor. Shihan Hendrix truly believes that service to others is the highest reward and guiding the next generation of martial artists has been the driving force behind his commitment to the Academy.

hendrix002smAs a youth, Shihan Hendrix was enamored with Martial Arts movies. One of his earliest memories is waking up every weekend to watch Kung Fu Theatre and mimic the movements during commercial breaks. Martial artists had a superhuman mystique that left his imagination running wild for years. He never believed the martial arts would lead him along the path of authenticity. The examination of the human condition allows him to recognize what comes with ease and cherish the opportunity to work on the things that are not. The lessons learned at the Allen Academy have shown value in every aspect of his life.

Robert Hawk

Robert HawkShihan Robert Hawk, 4th degree, is a consummate and lifelong martial artist. His grandfather studied at the Kodokan in Japan. As a toddler he cut his teeth watching Kung Fu theatre with his dad. Shihan Hawk took his first karate class at the “Y” when he was 6 years old and has been studying in one system of the arts or another ever since.

Shihan Hawk has been training with the Shinsho Kempo Jujitsu system and its predecessor since 1995. In that time he has achieved the rank of Shihan under Shinsho founder, Prof. Brian S. Allen. He has completed his ECE credits at Riverside City College and was a Karate Kids instructor for many years making his living teaching martial arts at preschools and daycare Tcenters across the Inland Empire. He is a member of the Defensive Tactics Team and The Elite Training Program and is a seminar instructor. In 2004 he was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame. He assisted in the development and founding of the Shinsho Kempo Jujitsu system. He has over 1000hrs of instruction and more than 500hrs leadership training and seminars. Shihan Hawk has launched Tai Chi and Internal Energy classes at senior centers and community programs and has taught at these programs for 10+ years.

Shihan Hawk is happily married and he and his wife have a beautiful daughter together. He enjoys outdoor adventure hiking, war and strategy gaming, target practice, bonsai and spending his time divided between his family, his work and his school. His continued support drive and direction is dedicated to maintaining Shinsho Kempo Jujitsu’s modern relevance and tactical effectiveness.

Joshua Chevalier

Joshua ChevalierShihan Josh Chevalier has been training at the Allen Academy since 2004. He received his Black Belt in 2006 and has been involved in the Little Dragons, Fighting Tigers, and The Adult Self-Defense programs. Shihan Josh was awarded Adult Student of the Year in 2005 and has served as Director of the Children’s Program at the dojo. He has been a member of the Elite Training Program and has been a mentor to select students.

The Allen Academy has been an integral part of Josh’s life. He began his journey like many students, seeking fitness. What he found was a family. Shihan Josh met Sensei Crystal in 2005 and they were married in 2008. They have two sons named Nathaniel and Drake, and in his off time he enjoys drawing, gaming and playing with his sons.

Tyson Lacoste

Tyson LacosteTyson Lacoste was born in Riverside California in 1983. He grew up locally and came to the Allen Martial Arts Academy in 2003. Here He trained for four years under Professor Brian Allen and earned a Black Belt. Sensei Lacoste had the honor to train with other great Black Belts in the system; In 2004 Sensei Tyson, Shihan Josh, Sensei Crystal and Sensei Oscar successfully earned their black belts.. Sensei Lacoste began his instruction career at the Allen martial arts Academy in 2004 and has continued instruction through the current school year. At this time Sensei Lacoste has focused on honing different skills in order to contribute to the Academy. His primary focus is helping students develop their kicking arts and engaging students in improving their grappling and jujitsu. In each of his classes he focuses on maintaining the following four elements in each class:

  • Differentiation that our system offers. The beauty of the Allen academy is that we want every student to feel success. Since it costs focuses on each class being custom tailored to incorporate as many of the students were chosen to participate that night.
  • The playful interaction that is used to train young students to master their bodies and minds. The children’s and young adult classes are designed to incorporate a fun atmosphere and environment while building on the necessary skills to interact in society and with their fellow peers.
  • The conditioning and self-discipline offered in our adult classes. Conditioning and self-discipline are very important attributes of the Allen Academy Sensei Lacoste holds these in a high regard and asks the same of his students as he does of himself.
  • The friendly attitude of both instructors and students that helps to turn strangers into friends.

As an instructor it is important to maintain goals and assist in the growth and development of our art. My goal as an instructor is to always give my students the lesson that they need in order to progress to the next level. That was the opportunity that was given to me when I first walked through the doors of the Allen academy, and I feel it is our duty as teachers, friends, and individuals to pass that opportunity onto those who choose to walk the path the same path I began so many years ago.

Jane Burkheimer

Jane BurkheimerThird Degree Black Belt Jane Burkheimer has been with the Allen Academy since 2004 when she started as a Tai Chi student. After embracing the entire curriculum, she has specialized in the Internal Martial Arts and public service Tai Chi teaching at various Riverside and Corona Park and Recreation Centers. Her background includes a college degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Education. Her profession as a peace officer included eleven years as a Firearms Range-master. Her Internal Art classes at the Allen Academy include history, meditation and
Tai Chi Chuan Fa foundational movement skills to improve performance at all levels.