These are some of the more common questions new inquirers ask. However, keep in mind that the answers are almost never as important as the question. True understanding is cultivated from experiencing the martial arts.

What styles do you teach?

Kempo Karate, Jujitsu, & Tai Chi.

How much do classes cost?

Classes start as low as $50 per month!

When are your classes?

We are open six days a week. Please see our current Class Schedule for a list of class times.

How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?

This depends on the student’s commitment and skill, but anywhere from 3-5 years.

What is the youngest age you begin teaching children?

Our youngest students are 3 years old. These classes focus on listening skills, self-control, and having a fun time so they want to continue and are ready for martial arts.

Can I expect my child’s behavior, attitude, and grades to improve?

If they don’t, please let us know. Every child has different developmental needs but a common peripheral benefit of studying at our school is an overall improvement in your child’s life.

How long have you been in business?

The Allen Academy has been serving Southern California since 1998.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, for those individuals who are unable to attend the group classes, or would like private time with an instructor.

Do the same instructors teach the same classes?


How long have you been in business?

The school has operated in Riverside for more than 11 years.

I am a little out of shape; can I still do the martial arts?

There is no specific fitness level to begin with. All students begin where they are. The martial arts are an excellent method to lose weight, tone up, increase your health, vitality, and physical fitness levels.

What should I expect from training?

Students will absorb what they are capable of from the martial arts. Some will become more physically fit, some will learn to defend themselves, some will learn to decrease the stress in their lives and focus their energies, some will learn a new way to approach life. It is entirely up to the student what they will learn from the arts.

What are the beginners’ classes like?

The focus of our beginner’s class is to prepare students for their long-term participation in the martial arts and pragmatic street self-defense. This means that students are taught stretching, flexibility, strengthening exercises to prepare them for their long-term goals, and how to properly defend themselves against any attack.

I am a little shy around new people. Will that be a problem?

No. Trying anything new will bring with it a sense of unfamiliarity. This is normal. We have an excellent student body that is helpful and supportive. We are all friends and family here.

Do you compete in tournaments?

No, not usually. At this school we focus on internal validation rather than external. In tournaments, students are pitted against each other in competition. Rather, we seek to teach our students how to conquer their inner enemies, vanquish their self-imposed limitations, and cultivate inner peace, which are much more rewarding pursuits.