Headmaster Hendrix Yuri

Shihan Hendrix has been training and teaching at the Allen Martial Arts Academy since 2003. Shihan Hendrix has been involved with our Little Dragons, Fighting Tigers, and the Adult Self-Defense Programs, as well being a Mentor to selected students. He has received advanced training with Headmaster Allen through the Elite Training Program, and in 2010 he was bestowed the honor of Assistant Head Instructor. Shihan Hendrix truly believes that service to others is the highest reward and guiding the next generation of martial artists has been the driving force behind his commitment to the Academy.

As a youth, Shihan Hendrix was enamored with Martial Arts movies. One of his earliest memories is waking up every weekend to watch Kung Fu Theatre and mimic the movements during commercial breaks. Martial artists had a superhuman mystique that left his imagination running wild for years. He never believed the martial arts would lead him along the path of authenticity. The examination of the human condition allows him to recognize what comes with ease and cherish the opportunity to work on the things that are not. The lessons learned at the Allen Academy have shown value in every aspect of his life.