What is Shinsho Ryu

Shinsho is a comprehensive American martial art, a strategic system emphasizing self-defense and inspirational personal growth. From a traditional perspective, Shinsho is a school of Kempo and Jujitsu.

In the beginning of training, Shinsho may seem like a linear system of blocks and strikes, but as a student matures in the art it may seem like a system of continuous circular and linear striking combinations. Still at another period of training, Shinsho may seem to be a system filled with locks, throws, and strangulations. While other students will discover Shinsho is a system of continuous harmonization as the student learns to adhere to limbs and counter attacks. To an advanced student, Shinsho seems like a system of chi disruptions that attacks vital points. Which one of these is correct? That depends on the practitioner.

Basic Level Shinsho Ryu

At the basic level, Shinsho is an excellent method of physical development and body conditioning, making it healthy, strong, and flexible. Additionally, it is a powerful means of self-defense, where students learn how to identify, avoid, and escape attacks.

Advanced Level Shinsho Ryu

The advanced levels reflect the mastery of physical skills, harmonization with adversaries, precise targeting, balance manipulation, tactful power deployment, and effortless effort.

Because Shinsho is a comprehensive art, it has a great deal to offer. Different people will learn different aspects, and students will absorb what they are capable of from Shinsho. Some will become more physically fit, some will learn to defend themselves, some will learn to decrease the stress in their lives and focus their energies, some will learn a new way to approach life. It is entirely up to the student what they will take away from this powerful art.