What is Tai Chi?

The literal translation for the term Tai Chi Ch’uan Fa is “supreme ultimate boxing method”. It is a Taoist system of health maintenance and self-defense that can be accurately traced to the Chen village in the Ho-nan province of China. Written records of this kind of boxing date back to the 17th century A.D., but there is speculation that the roots grow much deeper.

Tai Chi Myths

There are myths and legends surrounding the birth of Tai Chi. Most sources lead us to a Taoist monk, Chang San Feng (1279-1368). Some claim that he was a Master of Shaolin, others that he is the inventor of the Dim Mak Pressure Point System. Chang San Feng reputedly formed this system of internal boxing while meditating, after seeing a snake and a crane in mortal combat.

Tai Chi Provides Health and Relaxation

Irrespective of it origins, millions practice Tai Chi for its proven health and relaxation benefits.